The world of publishing has changed fast in recent decades.
Tipp-Ex and red ink have been replaced by software such as Word, which offers sophisticated desktop publishing features that many users never get to explore.


Traditionally, the way to produce a fancy document was to have it professionally typeset. But it’s possible now to create elegant layouts in Word, with the advantage that these are easily modified. If you’ve produced (say) a brochure that needs regular updating, you can just input the new information yourself rather than having to mark up proofs for a graphic designer.

I can design a template and apply it to ensure consistency throughout your document: paragraph spacing, heading styles, table formatting, and so on. Best of all, the template can be applied to any document at any time. It can even incorporate brand or logo colours. Once the document is finalised, it can be converted into a PDF for printing or digital distribution.

If you’re snowed under (or if you just don’t fancy it!), I can take care of the whole process of liaising with contributors and managing sign-off.