This is usually what happens when copyediting a document...

  • You email me the document(s) and brief; we agree a deadline.

  • In Word, I track all the changes so that you can go through accepting or rejecting them. (I can also mark up amends on a PDF.) Where appropriate, I’ll also supply you with a style sheet (a summary of the ‘recipe’ followed for consistency of punctuation, spelling, numbers, etc).

  • You review my edits and let me know if you have any questions.

  • I’m happy to look at something again if it needs further work, although this happens rarely: I’m often told that even if I occasionally misinterpret a sentence, this is equally helpful because it shows the writer how they need to explain things differently.

  • I have a borderless account with TransferWise, which means that I can accept payment in most currencies without the payer incurring bank charges. I usually invoice at the end of each month and am paid within 30 days of the invoice.