When editing a document, I aim to make the English more natural and concise, as well as clarifying any ambiguities and minimising repetition.


I’m pretty good at cutting word count by at least 10% without sacrificing content, and once managed to reduce a doctoral thesis by 30% just by tightening things up.

I work with any materials that involve writing and presentation: slides, posters, websites...

It’s probably also worth mentioning that I work on a lot of academic journals, including over 50 titles across various disciplines from politics to botany and theology. Some are in subject areas I didn’t know existed (who knew that forest engineering was a thing?). I’m comfortable with abstract concepts, and sensitive to terms that may have special meanings within certain contexts. With subject-matter that I don’t necessarily understand, I’m still alert to logical flow.

Apart from this, I also check:

  • Spelling (US or UK), grammar and punctuation
  • Consistency of content (e.g. use of hyphens, capitals, numerals, abbreviations)
  • Consistency of presentation (layout and formatting)
  • Cross-referencing and internal logic (section numbering, table/figure citations, etc)
  • Basic factual accuracy
  • Adherence to brand/style guidelines