I am so pleased that you can take this issue on; of all the people who have worked on this journal, you seem to be the most in tune with it.
— Senior Production Editor, Taylor & Francis Group
As usual, your work takes our writing to another league.
— Professor of Participatory Innovation, University of Southern Denmark
Your editing is what I was seeking. I consider your work as more than ‘just’ editing: it also helps me to become aware of ambiguities or unclear statements. Therefore, it’s three-fold: proper English, improving my English language skills, and better thesis.
— PhD student
You’re the best copyeditor I know!
— Editorial Specialist, PAREXEL International
Our client list is long and high profile. We are particular about our products and will only use high-calibre contractors. I never hesitate to call on Alison. She has earned the respect not only of our entire editorial division but also our writing staff (all of whom hold doctorates in medicine or pharmacy). She looks beyond the obvious, thinks about the subject matter, carefully researches journal instructions, prepares style sheets for the authors, applies careful attention to detail, and communicates flawlessly and with humour and honesty. She manages multiple projects, such that we can send several projects to juggle but she never misses a deadline. She is outstanding.
— Senior Medical Editor, Envision Pharma Group
I have just finished working through the projects. Wow! Your inputs and comments are great! I have really enjoyed this and I learn a lot from you – thank you.
— PhD student
Thanks so much for a great job – as usual. You’re the best in the business!
— Director, McKay Morley Ltd
I’m very happy having found you, and you got compliments from my peer group! All of them agreed that my text reads much more fluently than before, and I’m learning at the same time.
— PhD student
Thank you so much. This was superb, and I know it was a tough job!
— Director, Nafees Consulting Ltd
You definitely deserve a prize! Wow, you did a really nice job playing with the words without changing the meaning of anything. Thank you so very much!
— Medical Writer, Envision Pharma Group
What a talent! You’re superb at helping authors articulate complex ideas simply. This is a huge asset not just for non-English students, but also for English speakers wanting to express complex ideas to a wider audience.
— Visiting Professor and Research Supervisor, Business School, University of Hertfordshire