the small print

Ultimately, the final output is your responsibility. You must read through my suggested amends carefully, in case I’ve misinterpreted you or changed your intended emphasis. Also, although no one’s ever complained that I let an error slip through, it’s worth acknowledging that nothing can ever be guaranteed 100% ‘perfect’.

I treat your materials and personal details with the strictest confidentiality. The information you share with me is kept on a password-protected computer with an encrypted hard drive and regularly updated malware/antivirus software. Paper files (if any) are shredded at the end of each project. Unless legally compelled to do so, I’ll never share your data with anyone else. All records are kept in a locked home office.

As a Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders and the European Association of Science Editors, I am bound by the relevant codes of practice.